Hi and thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Grape Room on Wednesday. It was a fun show, and we really enjoyed meeting Dublois, Danny and Billy of  “The Dublois Milledge Band”.

If you get a chance, I would recommend Googling Dublois Milledge.  She’s a terrific singer/songwriter and and even nicer person!  If you are a fan of Blues Guitar, Dublois’ guitar player Billy Thompson is absolutely spectacular.  There’s lots of his stuff on Youtube to check out.

We also got a chance to meet the guys from the Mike Montrey Band.  They are a jam-band from North Jersey, and we really enjoyed their sound.  Very nice guys as well!  If you check them out online, you won’t be disappointed!

Our Setlist was:

Surprise Party, Karma Lee, Morning Tea, Cry Freedom>Bo-di-Bo, Love Ain’t Fair, Rudy, SAM